Did you know that pizza has changed the world forever? Every day, people order millions of pizzas. They like these pizzas because they can customize them and put all sorts of different toppings on them.

There are many different pizza toppings to choose from, but pepperoni is one of the most popular. Another very popular topping is Squid, and this topping is most popular with Japs. Nearly 300 million pounds of pepperoni are sold and used to make pizzas each year. There are pizza oven reviews for everyone to read. You can get a countertop pizza cooker if you look online. Without a quality pizza oven, how can you expect to get anything done.

The amount of pizza eaten by Americans is absolutely staggering. On any given day, Americans consume about 350 slices of pizza per second. Imagine if you tried to eat that many slices per second!

National Pizza Month

You should never try to eat all of the pizza during October because it’s national Pizza month. A typical person can eat about 50 slices of pizza each year. There is also an international pizza expo, and it takes place in Las Vegas. During 1967, the very first pizzeria opened.

Top Record Breakers

One of the world’s largest pizza is made in Norwood Supermarket, which is in South Africa. The total pizza weighed in at roughly 13 tons.

That is way more pizza than an average person would be able to eat. For some reason, Americans are very fond of pizzas that are 14 inches in diameter. The biggest pizza base that has ever been spun is about 34 inches. At one point, a man ate about 40 slices of pizza.

The world’s largest pizza box collection is nearly 600 boxes, and it has changed the way people think about pizza boxes. There are some massive pizza boxes out there, with the largest being about 54 inches. The most expensive pizza ever created is nearly 3 thousand dollars.